Guess the animals game!

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This episode 19 was something been in my mind quite awhile and finally it has been executed. Indeed, to kick start anything in mind can be quite tough. Yet again, once you made the first move, well , the rest of the sequences will flow in slowly. The best has yet to come!

Stay tuned!

Episode 18 SmellyTechou

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This episode is all about cooking! Yeah, very simple meat patty and the taste was awesome!

Cooking has been a headache for me ever since I became a mother. I’m a pretty lazy person who will always try to have least dish washing and fast cooking dish. Yet, food still taste good and healthy for the family!

Often, I look for one pot dish as it is really less time consuming and I can spend more time with my little boys. Of course, exploring children songs with guitar chords is my current hobby.

Cooking Ingredients such as yellow and red onion, garlic, carrots are often seen in my one pot dish. My cooking uses less time but cutting does consume more time. To save some time, I will always chop more as spare for next day meal.

Sounds very good yeah! Hope to explore more one pot dishes soon ❣️ Stay tuned

Time for Retirement.

It is quite disheartening to see so many scars on my little Smelly Techou! He has indeed served me very well during my youthful days!

Really love this bear a lot and hope to remember him more by making as many memorable videos and images of him before it is really time to place him in my cupboard for display.

Does anyone of you happen to know someone who can fix this old bear? Please share contact with me!

Thank you! ❣️